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The Program


Access to our Preferred Construction Loan Partners

We have access to the BEST construction loans available. 

Finding a construction loan in today's market can be a difficult task. Through our many years of experience we have partnered with some of the best construction loan providers in the industry. Our knowledge and relationships will save you money right from the beginning as we work to help you get the best construction loan possible for your project. 

You'll have access to both ZERO Down and Low Down Payment options. We can match you with a preferred lender who offers USDA, FHA, and VA construction loans. Some of the loan programs offer no payments during construction! 

Desirable & Easy to Build Home Plans

We've partnered exclusively with Direct from the Designers to provide affordable and easy to build homes. These home plans have all of the desired amenities that appeal to buyers today. Terrific exteriors with flowing floor plans, and aesthetically pleasing design features. 

You'll find an array of styles from craftsman, cottage, modern, contemporary, farm, country, and european influences. The houses range in size from 900-4,000 square feet ensuring that no matter what you seek, you are sure to find a plan that suites your specific needs and desires. 

All home plans can be modified to fit your needs for an additional fee. 

The Honor Built University

Perhaps you're thinking, "I've never built a house before, I don't know the first thing about how to do this". That's okay, that's what we're here for. We are your building partners and we'll help provide you with all the education, knowledge, and resources you need to build your home successfully. The Honor Built University, which is till being developed, is an online learning platform chocked full of videos, tutorials, worksheets, webinars, how-to's and more. Don't know how to install a window? We have a video to show you! Not sure how to install shingles? We have a video! You'll never be left wondering what to do or how to do it. But...you do have to remember, we're not building the home, you are! We provide you all the resources so that you can build the home yourself but we'll guide you throughout the entire process.

The Materials

We have arranged strategic partnerships with some of the largest suppliers in the construction industry and by doing so, we are able to provide you with an affordable package of materials for the construction of your home. This package doesn't include everything, but it does include the major components for your home like trusses, lumber, OSB, insulation, shingles, drywall, siding, doors, windows, trim, etc. Anything not included in the package is alotted a cost in your construction loan, so you don't have to worry about paying for anything out of pocket. There are a variety of package options available so we can ensure affordability to each customer. We offer a Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level packages. You are never forced to use any specific product. We want you to have the home you want!

Help finding Land

Finding a piece of property to build your home on can sometimes be a bit tricky. We have resources to help you through this journey and relationships with many Real Estate Agencies. 

Locating Subcontractors

Although Honor Built Homes does not endorse or approve of any specific contractor, we do provide our clients with resources on how to locate and find licensed subcontractors. We want your project to be successful and choosing the right contractor makes all the difference. If you have subcontractors in mind, perfect, you can use them as well. You are not required to use any specific contractor when building through Honor Built Homes. We provide you with all the  resources to effectively obtain bids for the work needed on your home. Additionally we will we will review the bids with you to ensure you get the best deal from your subcontractors. 


1. You apply for the program.


You fill out all the required forms and provide the proper documents and we work with a preferred construction lender to determine if you qualify, based on your credit history and income. 

2. Enroll in the University


We enroll you in the Honor Built University and provide you with access to all the training, education, resources, and information you need to successfully build your home.

3. We establish a budget.


Together, we will work with you to establish a budget for the construcion of your new home. Our job is to ensure you remain inline with the numbers. In other words no "wine on a beer budget".

4. Find Land


You start scouring the local area for property that appeals to you and that is within your allowed budget. We'll help provide resources for this in the University as well. 

5. Locate Subcontractors


This happens to be one of the hardest tasks for clients. But we make it easy with access to our resources, the University and strategic alliances. The goal is to know how to find the RIGHT contractor at the RIGHT price.

6. Review & Appraisal


Prior to closing on the construction loan and starting construction, the lender needs to verify what the value of the home will be once completed and that there will be sufficient equity to qualify for a permanent mortgage. An independent appraisal is completed. 

7. Approval and Funding


At this point if everything is in order and the appraisal came out favorable, we move to lender approval and funding of the construction loan so that you can begin construction on your new home. 

8. You Manage as Project Manager


You act as the project manager under the supervision and guidance of Honor Built Homes. You manage the construction of the new home and get the house built. Of course, we're there to help a long the way.

9. Finish & Move In


If needed, once the home nears completion, we'll assist you in obtaining a permanent mortgage to repay the construction loan. All final loan requirements will be completed and you'll finally be able to move in and enjoy your new home. Most construction loans today are a one time close.