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Our Story

Back in 2000 when Tina Holtz, our Founder and CEO was just 21 years old, she was operating a successful daycare center out of her 1,200 sq. ft home. She and her husband Darin Holtz, who happens to be our Chief Construction Coordinator at Honor Built Homes, knew they needed something bigger. They began looking for a bigger house and after a year they still had not located just the right one. Both they and their realtor were exhausted and the realtor started suggesting perhaps they consider building a home. 

They began talking with banks about a construction loan, but they required a huge down payment. After a few months Tina was informed about a home building program that could help them. After a meeting with a representative from the company, they knew this was the right thing to do, even though their parents steered them away from it. 

A month later they signed a contract on the land and began breaking ground on their new 3,700 sq. ft. home. Their down payment was only $1,500 and the home building program covered every expense for the construction of their home including the land. They had no payments during construction and they built the home in 6 months. The day they moved into their new home they had $85K in immediate equity because they were able to act as their own General Contractor and were able to do much of the work themselves. 

Tina believed so much in this program that she went to work for the company and assisted families all over the U.S. in building their own homes. She and Darin even built a second home with the company in 2007. Unfortunately when the housing market crashed in 2008 the company went out of business and this amazing program ceased to exist. Tina never gave up on the thought of bringing a program like this back to the marketplace, she was dedicated to help families all over achieve what she and her husband were able to achieve. 

Not only did they get the home they wanted, they had instant equity they otherwise would not have had, they established a higher net worth, and finally acheived what they felt was the "American Dream". Now their only goal is to help others do the same. 

At Honor Built Homes our complete home building packages and access to amazing construction loans will set you up for success in building your own home.